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Session Types

Please read below to explore the many different types of training sessions we offer at FooteFootballSoccer. Each session runs for one hour, taking hydration breaks as needed. As you explore, think which session(s) meets the needs of your athlete. If you decide to book a session with us, you can combine two trainings together or just select one training as the focus of the session. Session plans are designed specifically for each athlete and take their personal strengths and areas for improvements into account.


The First Timer

Recommended session for first-time clients. 

The First Timer is a wholistic session that covers many different aspects of soccer each player needs to be proficient at in order to be successful on the field. This session will cover cardiovascular and strength training, technical skills- such as dribbling, finishing (heading for U12 & up), and defending. 

Cardiovascular and Strength Training

Minimal ball work. Focused on building endurance, speed, and power.

Cardiovascular and strength training are essential parts of every athlete's success. Soccer requires all athletes to have speed, endurance, and power and more than anything else, you have to be able to run, and run, and run more. Depending on their position, a player need more of one aspect than another, but all are necessary nonetheless. This session will cover endurance running at varying intensities, bodyweight training, and explosive running. 


Technical Training

Majority ball work. Focused on close control, turning, cuts/fakes, and agility training.

Technical control over the ball is essential for players, especially at a young age, to gain confidence and belief in themselves. The more touches a player can get on the ball, the more naturally they'll be able to manipulate the ball in live settings. This session will be focused on dribbling, changing direction, turning/cutting/faking, receiving, and lower body speed and quickness. 

Offensive Training

Focused on passing/receiving, using skills to get by defenders, and finishing.

Offensive players need to be able to make decisions quickly on the ball and need confidence to be able to execute their ideas. They also need the technical ability to manipulate and move the ball at will. This session will be focused on passing/receiving, 1v1 skills to use while dribbling, changing direction quickly, crossing, and finishing (heading for U12 & up).

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Defensive Training

Focused on pressuring and covering, blocking passing lanes, 1v1 defending techniques, and positional awareness.

Defenders need to have an understanding of where space is on the field and where the opposing attackers are at all times. They also need to have good vision to make passes into the middle and final thirds. This session will be focused on pressuring and covering, how to defend 1v1, and identifying space on the field.

Position-Specific Training

Focus varies depending on position of interest.

Possible positions:



Center Back

Outside Back

Wing Back


Defensive midfielder

Central Midfielder

Central Attacking


Outside Midfielder



False Nine

Outside Winger

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