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Professional Background

Hello, my name is Griffin Karr and I own and operate FooteFootballSoccer out of Tampa, FL. Thank you for visiting my website! My professional background started in education, teaching for four years in a K-6 Title 1 school locally in Tampa. I also have three years of competitive soccer coaching experience. I decided that I wanted to leave the classroom and as I was looking for jobs, I realized I didn't want to work for anyone else. I have been involved in soccer as a player, coach, and/or fan for over 20 years. Starting this business was a great way for me to combine my love of soccer and working with youth and aspiring athletes. Check out our philosophy and session types to see if you would be interested in booking a session with us!


Meet our team at FooteFootballSoccer! We are always looking to bring on experienced trainers that are passionate about helping athletes reach their maximum potential. If you're interested in becoming a trainer and joining our team, please use the contact info found on the site.  

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Griffin Karr

Founder, Director, Trainer

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